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We can come into your workplace, instruct you and your employees at their own workstation 

  • Reduce time lost in travelling to tuition 

  • Your staff are at hand to answer work related questions

  • Tuition tailored to individual needs maximising the time and capital spent

  • Research shows that after group tuition an average of 10% of the information is retained.

  • After small group tuition of 5 or less, an average of 30% of the information is retained

  • 1 to 1 tuition results in a person retaining an average of 70% of their instruction

Examples of what we can provide

  • An overview of Computer Components & What They Do

  • How to Connect and Plug in Computer Components

  • Organise data storage / create folders

  • Search for Information

  • Write & Send a Letter  or E-mail

  • Microsoft word processing, spreadsheets etc

  • Access the Internet

  • Learn to suit your individual needspackages - we will learn for you and then teach your staff

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